First Step to Get a Good Website Speed

Website speed is important. An important factor and the first step to get a good speed is to have a good web host. Web hosting resources (ie. RAM, CPU, Entry Processes, etc) play a crucial role in the speed, particularly loading time and performance.

Given you have the best website design and products and you spend lots of time and money for SEO, your money and effort could be waisted if the server is not good.
Prime Web Hosting is a powerful, fast and secure web host, allocating more than enough resources that gives your website a great loading speed and performance. As a result your website will get much quicker results from your SEO activity and higher ranking in Search Engines.

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Good Website Speed

Surely, it is also possible that your website loading speed remains slow, despite good resources your web hosting account may have.
That’s may occur, when the website has a technical issue, such as a script or plugins that take lots of resources or a process that creates/opens too many files. Increasing web hosting resources may help on this situations, but won’t fix the problem.
Testing the speed of your website with GTmetrix may help you to find and resolve such issues.