Prime Webhosting Servers Hardware Have Been Upgraded

Our servers hardware recently have been upgraded to brand new servers with NvME drives and CloudLinux 8.

It is our aim to provide the best possible hosting without compromise. As a result, we are now able to provide higher performance on all accounts.
Effective immediately our Upgraded Servers changed the IO limits (disk speed) from 10mb to 50mb. Depend on the type of the account you may get up to 250mb. This means up to 25x performance!
Prime Web Hosting is a powerful, fast and secure web host. It is allocating more than enough resources that gives your website a great loading speed and performance. As a result your website will get much quicker results from your SEO activity and higher ranking in Search Engines.

For details of our Web Hosting Plans visit the homepage of this website, or go to Contact Us Page to communicate with us.

Upgraded Servers