Upgraded Servers

Prime Webhosting Servers Hardware Have Been Upgraded Our servers hardware recently have been upgraded , to brand new servers

Prime Webhosting Servers Hardware Have Been Upgraded

Our servers hardware recently have been upgraded to brand new servers with NvME drives and CloudLinux 8.

It is our aim to provide the best possible hosting without compromise. As a result, we are now able to provide higher performance on all accounts.
Effective immediately our Upgraded Servers changed the IO limits (disk speed) from 10mb to 50mb. Depend on the type of the account you may get up to 250mb. This means up to 25x performance!
Prime Web Hosting is a powerful, fast and secure web host. It is allocating more than enough resources that gives your website a great loading speed and performance. As a result your website will get much quicker results from your SEO activity and higher ranking in Search Engines.

For details of our Web Hosting Plans visit the homepage of this website, or go to Contact Us Page to communicate with us.

Upgraded Servers

Website Hosting Service

Website Hosting Services Sydney, Australia

Prime Website Hosting Service initially established to serve clients with busy high traffic websites and/or many users and email accounts. Our cPanel Hosting particularly created by considering the requirement of those clients, who weren’t happy with the web hosting account they had with other companies.

For example the space allocated per email and/or website loading speed was not good enough. Prime Web Hosting provide much better service at much better price.

Prime Web Hosting powerful server located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, offering a high performance cloud website hosting service from $5.98 per month.

PWH Premier Plus Plan provide unlimited number of email accounts with more than enough disk space to store your emails for years. The plan also include all other resources your website and business need.

Additional disk space also can be allocated to your account when required.

This is much better and cheaper than any other email solutions.

web hosting Sydney NSW
We also offer free seamless hassle-free transfer to Prime Web Hosting, to all our current clients who have one non-ecommerce website and less than five emails.
For details view our Cloud Web Hosting Plans and contact us if you have any question.

Powerful Cloud Hosting

Fast, Secure and Powerful Cloud Hosting for Busy Websites

Prime Web Hosting is a powerful, fast and secure cloud hosting service. PWH offer better hosting services for busy high traffic business websites. The Web Hosting server located in Sydney, so that it is a better choice for websites with Australian audiences.
With no doubt the server speed and resources is an important factor for website performance. Consequently it effects the website ability to rank high in search engines.
For instance, you may have the best website and products and spend lots of time and money for SEO, your money and effort could be waisted, if the server is slow.
There are many cases of business owners who are not happy with their website, particularly the loading speed. Most of the time the issue cannot be fixed unless the website is move to a web hosting plan that provide more resources.
That is why Prime Web Hosting established using a powerful server in Australia allowing us to provide cloud hosting with more than enough resources that contributes well toward the performance and ranking of our clients’ websites.
Prime Web Hosting plans provide:
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