How CloudLinux Works?

CloudLinux, a Proven Cloud Hosting Solution

Cloudlinux OS+ Features

CloudLinux operating system is designed to provide secure and stable OS for hosting servers. In addition to many other benefits, most importantly, the CloudLinux delivers premium quality security, performance and speed.

CloudLinux creates a lightweight Virtualization Environment (LVE) for each individual user on a server. Therefore every website on the server has its own protected allocated resources. As a result issues of one website such as spike or high traffic, never cause problem for other websites on the same server.
Above all, the kernel is hardened. So, prevents malicious users from attacking other websites hosted on same server. LVE Manager, CageFS, MySQL Governor, Hardened PHP and Secure Links are just few of many features. Moreover, Ruby Selector, Phython Selector and Mod Lsapi are also included. CloudLinux advanced technologies and features makes the maintenance of the hosting server easy. Furthermore it provide secure and stable hosting environment.
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Included with all Cloud Hosting plans

Standard Features with Every Hosting Plan

Cloudlinux OS

With our CloudLinux OS, you certainly can rest assured to receive premium-quality security, performance, and speed.

Free SSL Certificate

With our web hosting plans, SSL installed automatically for all your domain names absolutely free.

Control Panel

The market leading cPanel simplifies your control. Also gives you access to Softaculous, Cloudflare, Cache Manager & more

Auto Script Installer

Softaculous with nearly 450 apps, comes built-in with our hosting plans, so that you can install any script in seconds

100% SSD Servers

Our web hosting servers come with SSD drives. These are more reliable and much faster than traditional HDD drives.

Daily Backups

We take daily backups of your precious data. That's include all folders, files, databases, emails and settings.